Behind the scenes


DoodleUS was created in La Puente California. We are an extremely fun and trending sock company that creates the perfect statement pieces in fashion.


Our goal is to give our customers a new experience and include them as a part of our sock making process. Whether it’s silly socks or an occasional gift, you’ll be happy to know that you are covered! We will help you every step of the way and ensure that you receive the best quality service.

At DoodleUs we strive to make our customers ideas and vision come to life and ultimately show them off on your feet!

Doodleus licenses brands that bring to life some of the best throwback memories that we all loved growing up.

As part of a developing brand we have some of the best licensed brands like, Emily The Strange, Kewpie, The Little Prince, Mary Blair, PBS Kids Arthur, Dinosaur train and more!!!
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